Cyber space, anyone there?

I would like to comprehend what this if any thing is going on with out having to looking to see if I even had a case. Out there ?   In the courts 

i don’t understand what’s what in these 

articulate is a big problem expressing what  I have been asking 

About wheresmyson

Caring old school I feel to much stress get depressed overwhelmed frustrated been through much PTSD with mobility issues after am track derailment 1997 AZ lost home to wrongful foreclosure after owning 22 years I'm scared where I'll end see lockout was 3/29/2011 I lived in out of my car driving to from around and looking for housing help in 5 Southern California counties. Only my case is not emergency and the ssi extremely low limited monthly they put me on late 90's wasn't enough to qualify to save our home or get HUD housing programs to help me at 53 only sleeping sitting up in car didn't help my physical emotional and mental displaced at 53 single woman with no family to help Ahhh

One response to “Cyber space, anyone there?”

  1. wheresmyson says :

    Is anyone out there that will be will to talk to me in English?
    I lost my home of 22 years Wrongful foreclosure. With many wrongs unfair practices truth in lending bank did not follow the banking rules laws. March 29 2011 was lockout. They put me out to pasture at 53 today 55. Displaced lost very confused. I’m a mess
    I get emails about a lawyer asking me to rate him. How can I do this honestly I don’t know anything about him or a case number
    I think I had a case just unsure who took it due to my extremely low limited income SSI disability.
    I knew nothing ignorant on the mortgage then when fell behind I fought and fought to save our home only didn’t qualify due to my income too low. Obama may 2010 state of union had program
    That was there for Americans who owned years had Finanical hardship big time it was for 4 states one mine ca. Only each program I found was to save but same thing my income.
    I was alone scared as I am today at 55 living in out of my car. Hating life. It’s hard my body detearinating away more these past months
    PTSD with mobility
    Only my years made life harder hitting me left and right. It’s been hell
    So I go to a site then it shows me a video then takes me else where. Frustration is not the word. I just don’t get it understand the Legual legislation forget it. I’m lost. I been lost now and it gets worse daily. I just would like to know does anyone know what is the truth with my wrongful foreclosure?
    I need help I do. It’s driving me crazy. Something must give. One way or another. Two years then told justice would be served only where is the justice will it come or are these just more words with out meaning ?
    God I hope not. Lately I want to give up only I am chicken these no way I’d hurt myself or any other. It not me. But the tears just fall no matter when where what. I’m a mess
    Homeless after living one way all your life is hard. It is not fun at all honest it’s very sad. I think no one ever should have to go through this. I just asked for help putting on to the back of the loan. But Wells Fargo wouldn’t hear of it. Today I know there was much more only I’m not sure of the out come or if there is one
    I just would like for someone to contact me with the truth. Am I to do anything with my papers docs ? I saved every one from 1989 up. Something just wasn’t right but did I know what or how the laws were to be done this way that, no. I still don’t. Overwhelmed over three years.
    Is anyone ever going to talk to me look into my eyes saying the real truth
    Or will I have to die before I ever know what what I think it sucks it doesn’t help my stress nor depression. Don’t say read this cause my comprehension is not working let keep focused. Sorry I hate knowing I’m not that same person people can’t be around me that knew me before I stress them out. Guess I must be worse then I think
    I honestly don’t know
    Please if any one knows what is what I just need to end this by knowing the truth then free to move forward but until I’m stuck I believe in the principle of the matter and fight for my rights only am I even fighting ? I doubt myself more daily. This is unhealthy I know but when alone out here at my age its not easy to start because I did this long ago married had family divorced raised two boys single mom the best I could but guess not I failed my family. My oldest left abroad prior my failing behind 5 years half way around the world only he has no home to return to. This kills me my heart breaks more daily.
    I’m a grandmother to a beautiful little girl only we are homeless she not with me. My home our home was for her and every one of my new family through marriage birth. I can’t even be around and have no place for her to live come stay. God help me

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