I am doing this once again due to I get told I have this blog only where?
It’s hard after all my loss of wrongful foreclosure 3/29/2011 lockout day losing a three car garage full of our things my two sons and me raised them from birth only married 11 years divorced June 1995 the boys were in 2nd and 3rd grade then.
Prior to falling behind in payments April 17 2010 dec 3 2009 my youngest emptied nest after a big verbal abuse fight. Then end of January 2010 my oldest left abroad to finish his college UC Murdoch yes half way around the world. Never to return again I say why he no longer has a home how said.
We don’t even talk email I can’t even see him or his Facebook page or any of his blogs sites. It’s heartbreaking. One great thing he granulated one year early Veterinary Surgeon only guess has a few more years to work under a board certified veterinarian. This is one very proud mother he is so intelligent even written years back when doing his 1st 4 years at UC Davis Ca in the veterinary journal of medicine. I saw this online and said why didn’t you tell me? He said it was not a big deal. Ahh for a mother its a very big deal.. The saddest part we chatted daily until lockout I no longer had wifi then the Mac G4 he gave me died. Only I did something that I never though of until last year. I was emailing him with all my problems scared to death living in my car I was homeless and had no idea what I was doing. You live in a house bought 1989 -2011 22 years it was our home ours! Dam it today I ask my self why was I so stressed not to see what I learned and found filed with my divorce documents 1989 my divorce judge court ordered clerk of court to sign his name off making me sole owner along with granting me exclusive grant deed the note. I was ignorant knew nothing about mortgage it freaked me out
But I fought and fought doing every program that was out there to save the older adults who had a bad Finanical hardship keep their American Dream alive per Obama may 2010 spoke on tv stimulus package
Me I was put on SSI disability in late 90’s after a Amtrak train jackknifed and derailed August 1997 AZ. Ptsd along with mobility issues. Only if not one thing it was another more loss broken bones I even moved my mom from 54 years in PA to CA to live with us. Only mom was sick she kept her mouth closed didn’t want anyone to worry. God took her exactly 3 weeks later
This was much on me and the boys. My oldest was getting his first apt his second year at UC Davis mom brought everything plus she wanted him to have everything he would need for kitchen living room bed room
As he did hers. He learned how to cook bake and always said if he did not make it through veterinary school he’d go to cooking school
It’s unbelievable how great of a chef he became. Even had a bold long ago food goes here. I’m blocked from getting onto I think he doesn’t want me to say anything to embarrass him. Lol
I only had one call from him April 2014 and I tried calling him only I wasn’t able to connect. I pray for the day to hear his voice again just even type message him would help me feel his love. I screwed up by venting so much hurt pain loss he was also going through this half way around the world. And he had to stop emailing contacting me November 2011. I couldn’t understand it. Only I do today I did last year. He had to handle his own responsibilities. The first blog I saw of him he said he’s there with $300.00 in pocket not able to contact bank in USA and had no place to stay.
I cried. As a mother would. It wasn’t easy having my empty nest with in a month apart the boys are only 22 months apart
I believed I’d win my case as I was told that justice would be served they the IFR contacted me November 2011 and I had to complete return before closing date end of February 2012. Only that was a lie they just kept extending the cut off date. I think to let my time run out so they didn’t have to pay me and CFPB wrote I want my home back. Only January 2013 they called me it was raining I parked in McDonald’s and she said there is nothing more we can do you must move on. I balled homeless living in out of car at 53 only this past weekend I turned 57 single woman who was told by CFPB that my foreclosure started two or more years prior how could this be. Per her it was a trio party loan. I had no idea then I looked at all my docs that I faxed that January into federal court for a case I thought would be in only I would of had to lost home 2011 not December 2010. I wrote to the judge your honer to please open my sealed case as I was told to read look and if able please help these Americans that were in a class action settlement to save their American Dream please because I also told him what a mess I was I was displaced lost empty dead. Honestly they put me out to pasture at 53 and my government left me out here what to die? I contacted hud housing in 5 Southern California counties even some cities driving back froth around and around only to be told there is no help or openings for a section 8 choice voucher I read that the housing authorities and HUD keep emergency ones on hand just in case. Only I’m a older adult homeless never lived any place then middle class on SSI disabled scared to death on a limited income poor. Finally after years of contacting low income affordable housing plus property Managment companies that are through hud housing I was told that my income is extremely low low limited and the only way I can get help is through housing Ahhh. Yes I got on only one list for section 8 choice vouchers this way I could live in a clean nice safe area as always did. The government displaced me and if you read they are to place you into the same kind of area and living as prior. Lies
I called charities no help I was told over and over call 211 for a motel voucher only they never knew she said they are not updated as hud housing always emailed back. Funny thing August 2012 I found a voucher went only to get a motel room I must of had a address to move into after Wt
Well my wrongfully foreclosure ended with many kinds of fraud wrongs errors typos rubber stamped plus I did take clerk of court docs straight into the hall of records and paid to file had the receipt stapled right onto my original loan 1989 feb jan It doesn’t show in the documents of ever owner who lived there I was lucky that a friend was able to contact a person that sent these to me. This is where I saw the rubber stamp from unlawful detainer court cash for keys saying waving a page saying she’s crazy I have the title. Only what he had also had a note not completely checked out from Fidelity title.
They messed up prior as I found see I got a equity loan April 2006 joint tenets with my youngest son by my next door neighbor who said I had nothing to worry about he knew it was his job a broker
Well after I was going through that equity loan docs with my son. And in there was three other docs each had different address and name only two had the same loan number with noted ?
Well the equity loan we took paid off my total amount owed on my house Washington mutual home loan $57,000.00
I also received a letter loan paid in full released along with the exclusive grant deed the note signed way back in 1989 released this had my signature and exes along a official stamp seal also this was micro filmed and it was Chicago title company
Two thick original docs filed with letter paid in full April 2011
Well things went not well with trying to contact or pay that loan company my son can tell you this because he was I charge of paying monthly
So December 2006 I took another equity loan $155.000.00 total only my son was not able to qualify to be on this one because he wasn’t working but I was they had my SSI income official document I never lied about how much I made. This now would be a predatory lending only it was world savings then turned into Wachovia and ended with Wells Fargo not willing to work help me see my income was not enough to qualify for the help to save our home. I even did a hud approved program only the girls working there really did everything but what my action sheet said. Plus my case worker vanished one month right when foreclosure papers came in mail end August 2010
And I did contact Wachovia letting them know I was in this program. I have the original doc that I wrote name date time and she was to doc this in my file
Well as NHSA the hud approved program told me that I was to bring every paper I received into them and they would handle. Ha started this program June 2010 ended October 2010 sent in not approved income. Plus every program I did told me get renters they only jacked me not paying stole it was a mess more harm then was needed because if you ask any one who works in a bank or ever did if renters income counts as income when on SSI disability they will tell you right up no it doesn’t count as income as making home affordable program had me do starting October 2010 then I received not qualified thanksgiving eve my Black Friday income not enough to qualify then why did they have me keep getting renters I did program after program contacted everyone I could think then January 2011 NACA was in Los Angeles for 11 days I was told go there because they are saving the poor Finanical hardship Americans homes. I went back and forth 4 days they wanted wells to give me a forbearance only wells would not here it they wanted my owed amount of over $11,000 it pull house from auction next week. See I finally received the reinstatement amount right before Christmas 2010 this was on the weekend every place was either closed the Friday prior or Monday after so I had three days to come up with this
Wells said fanny Mae had note only no so then they said Freddy mac only no they did not at NACA. After this they told me its out of the country you will never know. Plus I went back the forth day to speak with well only instead they sent a big black man who looked like a bouncer over to me and a friend I took with to hear see all. He said Wells Fargo has nothing more to say to you that that!
I cried
See cash for keys was well he harassed me daily needed out by feb 2011 then it ended being 3/29/2011. And he ended up being the bank rep at lock out. See the day of auction a kid taking pics of our two story comfortable home it was ours with our stuff pets that had to be donated or put down it was sad
After I looked up trio party loan January 2013 saw Mers then rented a motel
Sat organized saw no signature on these foreclosure docs typos errors even post date June 2011 the month the bank sold our home.
Two subsatution of trustees photo copied only when I saw names that were on these for the dates of these loans they were not on the loan
Heard feb 20 2013 Mers nor both subsatution of trustees had no standings
That’s all I know then June 2013 my phone was hacked and filled up with spam scam emails houndred of thousands every Email account fraud
It messed with my head. I can’t believe trust anyone today. How dare they
Prior the same day as my docs faxed federal court the IFR closed saying no fraud! What I was told to forward a email from that hud program spring April 2012 they wanted it printed signed returned for IFR only they only were to use the United States postal mail. So I called the 800 #
They had me forward this to Russ conceal tents Fraud Alert
It was not professional they had total of 81 email addresses on this one Email. Then the next week received another one same 81 email addresses strolling and strolling down to read it said you do not need to contact the above emails
I watched the city consul meeting on tv saw FBI saying hud wanted their federal money paid back that was given to this city for saving homes
My neighbor was 5th ward I talked to him he said he was not high enough to get me help I called my congressman found out that another man did my area I called him only his sectary answered good luck I never say anyone get help maybe one person why would the back give you money they want the houses this was may 2010. I said are you telling me that I’m going to be homeless out in the streets she laughter I cried

I have two paid in full released mortgage letters only one is just a photo copy for joint ballon payment that ended December 2006 paid off in full
And the other one is complete different thick hard two pages
Will justice ever be served or wrongs made right ?

So I was gifted with a beautiful granddaughter dec 2012 3 years old the joy of me. Only after phone hacked I had my sons laptop and they took all every thing off of it too every picture of from birth of their relationship gone
I was not allowed to see my grandchild one year I had no idea where they even moved to. I was devastated why
Then April 2014 my sister said they would help me get into a apt co sign see my credit report showed the foreclosure two three months prior lockout and I was told by law it wouldn’t show for 6 months only
I never missed one payment from January 2007 to April 17 2010
And they stole our home if only I saw those errors wrongs I would of never of moved out. I believe I own the house!! Show me the exclusive grant deed note that wells told me was out of county only they can’t have duel titles
And right before the housing crunch they passed a law you had to get a lawyer if being foreclosed on. How can a older adult on limited income afford this? I did my own writing begging venting emailing

Well June 2014 empty storage needed help and my youngest only one in states helped I was welcomed back into my family and was having a baby on the way September 2014 David was born my grandson
Only Abbie is my joy she talks laughs plays always saying grandma angel my dog lets or I need she’s the best medicine every my joy to believe in life again
Only right before New Years guess he and his wife fought not telling him every thing I became the bad person and they took her away It’s as why are they being so childish using my grandchildren against grandma who loves them so much it’s a evil game I cry my heart breaks daily I was face talking to her only guess someone did not like that and I now am blocked from my daughter in laws phone number.
No one calls they complain I text too much well I’m lonely yes very lonely sad so much work not getting any place but taken farther down depressed
Why why do these 30 year olds act this way why?
I can’t just show up there if he’s not home then who knows what his wife will say or not I must have both there and I feel we need to communicate completely saying everything not just this or that only per daughter in law she is not willing to do this
Who is the one or isit both mom dad keeping me out away even when sleeping in my car I had no idea where they were they don’t care about me or if I would not of been homeless over three years
She’s from a large Mexican family got pregnant married and yes got a green card plus a good catch that how she tells me he does everything cleans worked respatory therapeutics board certified working in a hospital making good income

Only why why do they want me to keep hurting I pray not to wake only I do
I am not or do not have it in me to harm myself or anyone
I just want to spend my last days with my family feeling loved cared about
Trusted believed in not put down into the negative
Prayer is greatly in need Because this family needs all the help it is able to get today. I read that not anyone of us will ever heal from what these banks Wall Street did over greed theft dam them they destroyed my family my life
I have no idea what’s next only no I am not going into a home where red strings hang to pull for help with much older people I’m not ready to die yet nor loss my independence nor dignity how dare they do this and they got away with it. What is wrong with this world today omg tears falling must stop amen
Then back with


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Cyber space, anyone there?

I would like to comprehend what this if any thing is going on with out having to looking to see if I even had a case. Out there ?   In the courts 

i don’t understand what’s what in these 

articulate is a big problem expressing what  I have been asking 

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